Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Power and Love

Sorry there will be no pictures. But I want to share what I am gratful for today.

First of all I am so very grateful for real love. Not lust but real eternal love. I am grateful for a wonderful fiance who loves me truly. For a family who loves me no matter what!

I am also grateful for will power. I am not always able to have good will power but I am grateful for it today. I have been trying so hard to eat healthier. I have eaten way too much sugar and carbs in my life and I don't feel healthy so I am trying my hardest to eat healthy so I feel better!! I tend to be a binge eater and so having a will power is great. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Roberts Family!

I love the Roberts family!

This family has brought such joy and love into my life. Ha ha I am such a baby, I am getting emotional while typing this!! I am silly but this family means the world to me. I am so grateful I get to be part of it! I want to thank Lori for taking some time out of her day to help me. It was a silly little thing, a straightener but she took the time to find me a great deal. Which meant a lot to me. That she would take that time for me. This family is such a wonderful example to me. Each member with their own amazing personalities and talents. I am so thankful to all of them.  Randy and Lori and especially David radiate the love of Christ! The whole family does. I love you guys! I wish I knew of a better way to express my love. I hope I get chances to do so. 

A few Announcements!

Announcement number one: I am engaged to a wonderful man, David Roberts! The wedding will be in December if all works out right!

Announcement number two: I am making it a new goal to post something on here everyday. I want to post my blessing and uplifting moments of my life. I wish to focus on the happy joyful moments! I would also love to hear about your own daily blessings and happy moments! So please make comments or email your stories and thoughts so I can post them on my blog. Pictures are a must!!! 

I am hoping this blog will also encourage me to start taking pictures again.

Make sure you take a few seconds to recognize a blessing or happy moment in your life! They happen more then we think! They happen even on the worst days ever. They are just a little harder to see. 

Have a wonderful day!!!