Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Tonight as I was driving home from David’s I was noticing the two different lights that were allowing me to journey home safe and without accident. The first was yellowish and rather dull and only showed the roads and the buildings on each side. The second was white and quite bright that illuminated the night sky and that fell upon the mountain which I normally can’t see on a usual drive home. The first light of course came from the man made street lights of Ogden. While second a more pure and radiating and peaceful light came from the rather full moon that filled the heavens. Tonight I was grateful for both. More so then the other but non-the-less grateful for both. The street lights provided a safe journey to my destination. While the other showed my Heavenly Father’s love.  It filled me with so many thoughts. One being that the light from that full moon was much brighter then the street lights. Which is a reminder that God is more powerful than man and that we should always look to Him for that source of guidance and protection.  But we can also remember that by first putting our trust in the Lord He will provide the way which may be through a man made invention. Another thought I had was that the moon which gets it’s light from the Sun. As do we, we should be getting our light in our daily lives whether it is night or day from the Son. We should be reflecting is light to help guide and protect others. We need to be reflecting His love, just as the moon reflects the rays of the sun. So tonight I am grateful for light.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

86,400 Chances

Today I am so very grateful for messes. I am grateful they exist so I can clean them up! Silly I know. When I clean up a physical mess it gives me hope that I can clean up any physical or emotional mess that comes a long.   I however can't always clean up my messes but luckily I have a wonderful Heavenly Elder Brother who made sure he could clean up my messes. It's not always easy to let Him do that . It's hard to admit that you can't do everything. It's hard to say you aren't strong enough but when you allow Him to help you are made strong enough. 

I am also grateful for new beginnings. I am grateful that each second offers a new beginning. I like fresh clean surfaces and slates. I like to reorganize my room when I feel like my life is a disaster. I like to re-plan my entire life when I feel sad or discouraged. I usually think that the next day or the next step in my life will bring the feelings and the joys that I want now. I think the right changes and improvements will occur when the new day begins or the new chapter. But I realized that each second offers that clean slate, each second offers that chance to grow and improve right them and there. You don't have to wait until the next day or the next year, you have that very second. So in a day we have 86,400 opportunities to improve.
 86,400 times to try again.